Transforming Our Future

America has a rich history of technological innovation and scientific ingenuity.  We made great strides in the Space Race, produced personal technology to exceed our wildest science fiction dreams, and are still at the forefront for research and development in multiple fields.  The anti-science rhetoric of the past presidential administration has stalled some of our efforts but America can emerge, undaunted and unafraid, as we move further into the 21st century.  

Invest in more technologies and jobs of the future.  The jobs our children will be doing haven’t been invented yet and we have to prepare our future workforce for adaptability and innovation.  Technological advances are moving forward exponentially and we have the talent here to flourish in STEM fields and beyond.   

Increase support for more advanced research, labs, and jobs.  Government support for innovation in the past has fostered tremendous achievements and we have a moral obligation to grow our economy through revitalized, high-paying jobs in science and tech.  

Cybercrimes and Cyberattacks.  The flipside of technological development is the threat of other nations or individuals against our national interest attacking us.  We have to support a robust and secure system of protecting our intellectual properties and issues of national defense.