Encouraging Our Future

Jobs & Minimum Wage

Increase the Federal Minimum wage to $15/hour – Cost of living has increased exponentially but the wage remains $7.25 per hour.

Most working people need roommates or shared living even in the rental market.

Solve our public health crisis and our public housing crisis so we can solve our employment crisis

Orlando is a good example of the underemployment facing so many Americans today; many people in the metro Orlando area work in the service economy and have to take on multiple jobs just to survive.  

“Made in America” – increase the number of good-paying union jobs across our country.  (This is difficult because in a globalized economy, American corporations are shifting their workforces abroad)


Unions have been unfairly targeted by pro-corporation interests and suffer from negative publicity.  It is in corporations’ best interests to curtail the power of unions to maintain profitability.

When people come together, they have more power.  

Strong unions built America’s working class.

Many states, like Florida, are right-to-work states, which is a misleading way of saying that jobs have all the power and workers are employed at-will.  This must change.

We need to encourage Collective Bargaining, Health Care Benefits, Paid Leave, and other safeguards to ensure the prosperity of the American worker and the overall health and safety of working conditions.  

Unemployment Protection

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, workers are laid off or furloughed.  They still have families to support and need assistance until they can find other meaningful employment.

During the pandemic, the nation learned how  Florida’s Unemployment System was designed for failure.  Many Floridians and employers who had paid into this system were shocked to find delays of weeks and months and understaffing.

Unemployment payments are derided by people who don’t need them, but are an essential part of the social contract to ensure that children are fed and families protected.